If you had the power to save millions of lives, would you use it?  Well, UVNAmerica has that power and has been trying to use it for the past 12 years. What is this power you ask? It’s called Ultraviolet Light. Ultraviolet Light, believe it or not, has been used for decades to treat various fatal illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Hepatitis C.  UV light has the power to temporarily boost the immune system. You may be wondering if UV Light is that effective, why don’t more people know about it? The reason is because UV Light is a form of alternative medicine, and there are only about 300 doctors in the U.S who are trained on this subject. However, there are many practitioners of Ultraviolet Light in other countries who have successfully treated patients for years. Just like antidepressant treat depression. 

UVNAmerica has discovered a UV machine that has the power to treat HIV/AIDS in a very cost-effective manner. For more information on people who have been treated by this product please click here. Our issue has been trying to this product out into the market. We believe that with the help of Pope Francis, we can get the UV machine into the hands of the people who need it the most. We want to emphasize that we are not looking to sell this product and in fact do not care about making a profit. We simply want the product to be accessible to those who need it. We have made arrangements with the patent holder to release 10,000 licenses to produce this machine and distribute it wherever necessary.  

This is where we need help from you. We need you to help us spread awareness to the Pope so we can save the millions of people affected by HIV. Tweet the Pope @Pontiflex with the hashtag “#ThePopeIsTheHope to treat HIV once and for all”.  With your efforts we can save the lives of millions who have fell victim to this horrible epidemic

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